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Automatic Glue Labelling Machine

Automatic Glue Labelling Machine

DESCRIPTION: This Rotary Labeling Machine is can paste label on different type of bottles and labels (wet glue).

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  • Model: R-AGLM
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This Rotary Labeling Machine is can paste label on different type of bottles and labels (wet glue). Machine is very efficient and compact machine specially for LIQUOR industries and can handle all types of glass and plastic bottles/containers(cylindrical, non-cylindrical & odd shaped) with various applications, i.e. Front & Back, Front & shoulder, Front, shoulder & Back. It also has provision for applying Neck around label. Rotary design of machine helps to align different shape of bottles and containers for precise and accurate labeling.

  • Construction: SS 304, Heavy Duty Construction, thus vibration free.
  • Variable speed with AC Frequency Drive.
  • Pneumatic Pump for Glue feeding and recirculation.
  • Bottle change parts made of UHMW- Low noise, wear resistant.
  • No Bottle - No Glue.
  • Proximity Sensor at outfeed for "Bottle Jamming Machine Stop".
  • Labeling aggregates / chamber in oil bath, thus less wear & tear due to permanent lubrication.
  • Machine and safety sensors etc. controlled with PLC.
  • Easy adjustment for different heights / sizes / shapes of bottles with additional change parts.
  • Motorized up-down movement of machine for adjusting different heights of bottles.
  • Electronic Bottle counter & BPM Meter with fault display unit.
  • Accurate & precise labeling, Tolerance (+ , -) 1.5 mm.

Models (Heads)  Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height(mm)  Output(bpm) 
10 1830 1525 2160 200-240

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