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Automatic Vacuum Monoblock

Automatic Vacuum Monoblock

DESCRIPTION: Monoblock is a compact rotary machine where in vacuum Filling and Cap Sealing operations have been integrated on a single base frame.

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  • Model: R-AVM
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Monoblock is a compact rotary machine where in vacuum Filling and Cap Sealing operations have been integrated on a single base frame. This concept has been innovated in the interest of user mainly of minimum initial investment, manpower and reduce length of filling line without sacrificing output and quality. Like vacuum filler excess liquids are sucked back by vacuum and thereby render same level of filling in all bottles. It is widely used for filling. E.g. – Liquor, juice and Other Liquids etc. The Sealing machine is equipped with Automatic Cap feeder, which eliminates manual handling of caps there by restoring hygiene and ensuring non-stop production.


  • Machine is of sturdy, user friendly and very simple design, hence easy to maintain.
  • The complete machine is manufactured in S.S 304 to make it ideal for food grade application.
  • Entirely versatile machine to use different size/shape of bottles with easy to fit change parts provided with timing set points, which facilitate minimum change over time.
  • All bottle change parts made of cast nylon.
  • Centralized lubrication is provided through oil pump.
  • Precise speed variation through reputed make variable drive.
  • No need to de-assemble any part to clean the machine during product change over. Since flushing is easier due to vacuum application.
  • Fully Automatic operation through PLC Control
  • Touch screen operating panel (HMI).

  • Less space required
  • One operator for both operation i.e, filling & sealing.
  • Low cost
  • Low consumption of power.
  • No chance of foreign particles in the bottles as there is no travel bottles between filling and sealing.

Models  Length(mm)  Width (mm)  Main(M/C)  VAC. Pump  OUTPUT (180 ML) BPM 
8X5 1310 1075 2 H.P 1 H.P 50-60
10X5 1500 1100 2 H.P 1 H.P 70-80
16X8 1800 1750 3 H.P 2 H.P 90-120
20X8 2000 1750 3 H.P 2 H.P 120-150
30X10 5 H.P 3 H.P 150-180
40X10 3700 2850 5 H.P 3 H.P 200-240

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